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Adoption is an act of love and fun. We love to hear about the personal experience of our clients. It helps us grow and allows us to keep our vision alive.

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Last Updated: July 9th, 2023

Best friend!!!!!

Leslie Page

Cindy at Lovealabradoodle is awesome. She breeds the most beautiful and amazing dogs. The puppies are raised indoors in a loving and nurturing environment. I've done the research for you, no need to look any further!

Alisa Chatman


Melissa Goodlander

Priscilla Fischer

Gabriela Cadena

Jose Ruiz

Nothing but positive things to say about Cindy w/Lovealabradoodle!! She truly loves her dogs and is a very responsible breeder. We met both the Mom & Dad of our labradoodle pup beforehand and were given so much helpful info on how to properly care for our dog. She has health guarantees and you can tell really wants the best homes/lives for all pups that come from her responsible breeding program. We have been so happy with our sweet girl so far (almost 7 months old!!) and highly recommend Lovealabradoodle!

Bri Ludden

Cindy and her team are amazing. I can not say enough about Lovealabradoodle’s responsible breeding. They love each of their puppies and provide life long support. Lovealabradoodle has a training program and they offer boarding. You get to visit you new family friend just 2 weeks after birth so you get to know your new friend. These puppies are beyond smart and willing to learn. They are gentle and kid friendly. I just can’t say enough positive things about Lovealabradoodle. 🐾

Gina Drake

Great find!! We decided on a labradoodle for our family due to my husbands allergies! Cindy was so helpful and knowledgeable and guided us through the process. Visits with the pups started at 2 weeks. Each visit was educational and fun because our family watched all the puppies grow. When it came time to pick, Cindy was there to help us pick the puppy that was the best fit for our family. That was 6 years ago and we love our doodle he loves everyone, loves the beach and is respectful and calm. If you are looking for a puppy raised with love and the best care, i recommend lovealabradoodle

Angel Gabriel

I first met Cindy 3 years ago. I was looking to breed my female who is Lucy/Noah cross. Cindy is so knowledgeable regarding Labradoodles temperament, training, and breeding. The amount of time she spends preparing, selecting and testing the parents far out weights other breeders. The lifetime support she gives you is something to count on. Training issues no problem as Cindy is an expert dog behaviorist she has giving me tips on curbing unbecoming behaviors in my own doodle. Lovealabradoodles is where you should go if your planning on adding a doodle to your family. They are the best of the best and breed gorgeous puppies.

Gena Ambroise

Cindy is a very conscientious breeder. When we looked for our first labradoodle and visited her place, I was very impressed with her knowledge of dogs and the different characteristics of the breeds. She charted her litters to never inter- breed the lines. This was very important to us. After receiving our doodle, she is always available for any issue that you need help with. That’s because she truly loves her job and the animals.She backs it all up with knowledge. Our doodle is “Candi” and she was trained to be a service dog almost 9years ago. We have always had wonderful dogs in our family but “Candi” is so special that my daughter got one 2 years ago. We just got our second one 11months ago. And my sister is traveling from Arizona for her doodle from the “parti” litter. I guess that says it all! 4doodles in one family! But don’t be surprised if these labradoodles look into your eyes and read your mind.😉

Lynn Callis

Cindy not only breeds labradoodles, she gives them a wonderful foundation for training. We bought Stella, and Cindy helped us train her to make her a wonderful service dog. She spent a week getting certain skills cemented, then came and helped my daughter learn. She puts her heart and soul into this "job" and it shows!


The right place to get your next family member.. raised with love and care.

EmilieMarie Blake

We have had two doodles from Cindy over the last 12 years. One in 2006 and another in 2016. Wonderful family dogs with great temperaments. Cindy is a great resource for training and overnight stays too. We love are doodles!!!!

Amy Boxx

Cindy is a responsible and very knowledgeable breeder. From the moment those puppies are born she develops their brain with various stimulation techniques. Also when you go home with your pup she is available to answer any questions you have. She has even met up with me to help me with training issues that even my local trainer wasn’t able to solve for me. She is quick to identify what needs to change to have an obedient pup. I really can’t say enough on how amazing Cindy is as a trainer and breeder.


I am the owner of a beautiful F1B labradoodle purchased from Cindy, owner of Lovealabradoodle. I spent time with Cindy and her husband observing the first 10 weeks of their puppies lives. They are reputable breeders who lovingly care for each of their puppies ensuring your new member of the family is healthy, happy and has a great temperament. If you are looking for a wonderful addition to you or your family, contact Cindy. You won’t be disappointed.

Kellie flemmer

Our Ginger is 2 years old. She is amazing. Lovealabradoodle treats every animal with a lot of love. They are fabulous! Highly recommend!

Tawnie Spicer

We absolutely LOVE our doodle! She is fantastic, and the experience was amazing!

Krissy Feldmann

We purchased two doodles from Lovealabradoodle. One apricot and one cream. We love them Sooooo much and they are the best doods. Cindy is always there for us and even does doggie daycare for us! I recommend them to everyone. We get stopped all the time on our walks!

R Bottka

I’m a proud owner of 2 of Cindy’s doodles. They are happy, healthy and gorgeous. Cindy has always been a good resource after purchase.

Jassibeth Oro

Beautiful puppies from OFA health tested parents.

Pam Adey