Pickup Day!

Pickup Day!

Please make sure you read everything below

This will help prepare you for pickup day - as well as training day.

Everyone - Pickup Instructions

  • Always plan to be on time or early, as our schedule has to be tight due to many pickups in one day.
  • All Puppy Clients need to be at pick up AND Pay their remaining balances IN CASH on your pickup day (in an envelope labeled "Puppy". No cash apps or other forms will be accepted).
  • Re-read our Connection Deposit Contract and Health Guarantee. These contracts are only viewable. We will print/bring the contracts for you to fill out and provide you a copy of.
  • Read our Puppy Guidelines and let us know if you have any questions.
  • Use code 57827 and Order your required vitamins here for a year, as per your contract, BEFORE pickup. Please use the code so we can keep track and make sure your puppy is compliant with the terms of our agreement for a full year. These vitamins can only be purchased through the link provided, or by calling 800-474-7044. Your puppy is currently on these vitamins. We do not like to send puppies home without clients having the vitamins so they do not lapse.
  • Register your microchip number in your name.
  • Make your wellness check appointment within 3 days as part of your contract (Training Clients - see additional pickup instructions below).
  • We will send you an available schedule to schedule your pick up (Training Clients - see additional pickup instructions below).
  • Have a plan in place for your Puppy and your Home by going to baxterandbella.com / There is a lot of free information and a free survival guide. Their program is outstanding and spends a whole chapter just on preparing your house for success. Includes things like preparing for success on Crate Training, Potty Training, and games that encourage that success. If you decide to purchase their program, please use our discount code for 25% off: LAL25
  • View our store for our recommended products, collars, and more for your Puppy and your Training at lovealabradoodle.com/store

Training Clients - Additional Pickup Instructions

  • Training pups are scheduled first and will start at 9:30 AM (PST). Leave your items in the car, we will transfer those items directly to the trainer's car.
  • You will pay both your puppy's remaining balance (in an envelope labeled "Puppy"), and your training balance (in an envelope labeled "Training") IN CASH on pickup day (no cash apps or other forms will be accepted).
  • Training clients can arrange the wellness check appointment with your trainer.
  • Bring with you (with your puppy's name on everything):
    * 4 Week Training requires a big bag of food, 2 Weeks Training requires a small or big bag of food. Your puppy will only be fed from your bag and the food your puppy doesn't eat will be returned to you
    * NuVet Vitamins - you can just bring the bottle.
    * A small sized martingale collar. 1/2 Chain, 1/2 Flat Collar.
    * 6ft Light Weight Leash
    * Small/Medium Crate
  • We will provide transportation to the trainer, and give your puppy a full day to decompress.
  • After training is complete, you will recieve a goodie bag to go home with samples of our treats and chews. Also a blanket and a stuffy toy with all of your puppy's siblings and mother's scent.