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Our Standards

Our Standards

We have been in business for over 35 years - we are not a puppy mill!

an establishment that breeds puppies for sale, typically on an intensive basis and in conditions regarded as inhumane
Source: Oxford Dictionary

Our Breeder Standards

Lovingly Handled

Each puppy is lovingly handled from birth. They are held, played with, and socialized every day. Plus ENS (Early Neonatal Simulation) from their 6th day through their 16th day of age.


All puppies are raised using puppy culture principles and enrichment activities. Puppies come socialized to; cats, dogs, kids, and adults. Puppies are introduced to potty training, crate training, house rules, and no nipping


We are not a puppy mill, all puppies are raised in our homes and becomes a well loved member of the family! This kind of care insures the best possible puppy!

Screening Process

We mandate all breeders & vendors to be screened during our vetting process, and every year afterwards