Health Guarantee | Love A Labradoodle

Health Guarantee

  • A Written One-Year Health Guarantee
  • A Written Health Record that includes:
    • De-worming Schedule:
      • 2, 4, 6, and 8 Weeks.
  • Puppy Guidelines that consists of everything you need to insure an easy transition:
    • CKC Registration Papers (If Applicable)
    • 3 Pages of Puppy Guidelines
  • LIFETIME 24/7 Breeder Support & LIFETIME Return Policy
    • No questions asked, re-homing service: Buyer firmly agrees that if, for any reason in the lifetime of the said dog, that they can no longer keep him/her in their possession, they will relinquish ownership back to the breeder, with no questions asked. This allows the breeder to maintain a continuous safety net for every puppy produced throughout their entire lifetime
    • Under absolutely no circumstances is the buyer to abandon the dog in any animal shelter, rescue group/organization, humane society, foster home or any other type of facility for rehoming
    • Buyer is to contact breeder immediately to arrange for the dog's return to the breeder
    • Support and Behaviour Modification advice, from my 35 years of dog training and breeding experience